Help all employees achieve financial wellness – on their terms, at their pace

A smart plan, made easy to start, to plan and to achieve. Whether on the phone, online or in person, PlanSmart Financial Wellness helps all your employees achieve their financial goals — like paying down debt, buying a home or  planning for retirement – with a step by step action plan with expert coaching, at no cost to them.

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Unlimited access to financial planners

Through the EY Financial Planner Line® employees get personalized, real-time support from independent financial planners

Participants can be paired with the same person each time they engage.


The Financial Planner Line enables your employees to:

  • Receive objective, recommendations from financial planners who are not incentivized to sell MetLife or partner products

  • Get guidance on a range of topics, including net worth, debt, cash flow, asset allocation, life insurance, mortgages and retirement savings

Intuitive digital platform

Goal-focused, our digital experience is ideal for the self-starter employee.

Powered by EY, the digital platform confidentially aggregates employees’ personal accounts1 and company benefits in one place, for a truly holistic view of their finances. Participants only need to answer six easy questions to gain access to their personalized experience.

On both mobile and desktop, employees will be able to:

  • Set goals, create a personalized plan and track their progress

  • Get educational tools, checkups and access to planners

Guidance & workshops

Available nationally, our workshops and consultations give employees the personal support they need.

Supported by third party financial professionals at no additional cost, employees will have access to one-on-one consultations, as well as larger educational workshops. Employees can:

  • Attend Retirewise®, an award-winning, four-part financial and retirement workshop

  • Get implementation help on tax strategies, budgeting, investing, estate planning and more

1 EY audit clients will not have access to the account aggregation capability.

MetLife administers the PlanSmart Financial Wellness program but has arranged for specially-trained third party financial professionals to offer financial education and, upon request, provide personal guidance to employees and former employees of companies providing PlanSmart Financial Wellness through MetLife. Guidance and coaching online and by phone is provided by certified financial planners through our alliance with EY (Ernst & Young LLP).