Help your employees take charge of their finances.

Hear from people with different financial struggles and how PlanSmart® Financial Wellness has helped brought their financial dreams to reality.

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Help your employees take charge of their finances.

Hear from people with different financial struggles and how PlanSmart® Financial Wellness has helped brought their financial dreams to reality.

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Financial Wellness

For over 152 years
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A smart plan designed to motivate employees to take action
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Covers a range of financial goals

Starting with a personalized diagnostic, PlanSmart Financial Wellness can help your employees achieve a variety of financial goals like paying down debt, buying a home or saving for retirement.


Gives employees more control
Multi-channel access

Gives employees control to take action the way they want: online, in person or over the phone.

Best-in-class guidance
Best-in-class independent counseling

Employees receive best-in-class, independent financial counseling from industry leaders to stay the course and achieve their goals.

Integrates workplace benefits
Integrates all benefits in one place

With a holistic, confidential view of their financial situation — that includes workplace benefits — PlanSmart Financial Wellness helps drive benefit program participation and employee engagement.

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A personalized approach where employees can take action the way they want

Whether they’re millennials, pre-retirees or somewhere in between, PlanSmart Financial Wellness helps employees take actions towards bridging their financial needs for today and tomorrow, planning for the unexpected, and maximizing the value of benefits.


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Simplified Digital Platform Intuitive digital platform

Drives action, and supports financial wellness through self-guided education, goal-setting exercises and proactive reminders.

EY Financial Planner Line® EY Financial Planner Line®

Pairs employees with the same independent financial planner each time they call or message. Participants can discuss both short- and long-term financial goals.

In-Person Guidance & Workshops In-person guidance & workshops

Ensures employees get the guidance they need via one-on-one consultations with local financial professionals, or on-site workshops.

Build a more engaged workforce

What does it take to design, implement and measure an effective financial wellness program? Our white paper, “Financial Wellness: Creating a More Productive and Engaged Workforce,” tells you all you need to know.


We’ll support you every step of the way

When you’re ready to launch PlanSmart Financial Wellness, you can rest easy knowing that our team has your back. We’re committed to making the program’s rollout, implementation and success measurement as seamless as possible.



Easy to start

Implementation is turnkey, and templated employee communications will help generate awareness and facilitate ongoing participation.

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

The program’s launch and ongoing management will be handled by a dedicated account team.

Easy to measure

Easy to measure

Quarterly reporting will provide insights into employee usage that can help inform your overall benefits strategy, and employee experience surveys will assess the program’s impact.


Empower your employees to become more financially secure.

Discover PlanSmart® Financial Wellness, a personalized, multi-channel solution to help all your employees turn their financial goals into action.
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Why MetLife
20 years of expertise

The years of experience we have in administering financial wellness programs

44% of fortune 500 companies

The percentage of Fortune 500 companies that are MetLife financial wellness customers



The number of employees reached through MetLife’s financial wellness programs

Source: PlanSmart MetLife Data, 2019

MetLife administers the PlanSmart Financial Wellness program but has arranged for specially-trained third party financial professionals to offer financial education and, upon request, provide personal guidance to employees and former employees of companies providing PlanSmart Financial Wellness through MetLife. Guidance and coaching online and by phone is provided by certified financial planners through our alliance with EY (Ernst & Young LLP).